Friday, August 23, 2013


GET OUT AND SUPPORT.... "SAN ANTONIO"!!!!!! It is almost a week away until the E.SPANTO live action series (in its entirety) is screened at the san antonio horrific film fest! E.SPANTO is currently the only local film submission to the horrific film fest! Written directed and produced by J.R. Ghul (me!) from bathound productions with music by DEBO! E.SPANTO follows the story of a horror host turned reluctant hero! Thwarting the evil of plans of abominable video horrors at every turn! These video nasties are brought forth by an ancient book known as the mortuus libre! Armed only with a mystical amulet and his own supernatural powers, E.SPANTO dares to send them all back to the hell from which they came! See climatic battles upon the rooftops of down town S.A.! The punk rock ruins of the infamous taco land! The creepy mission trails! Alllll the way to the haunted ghost tracks and into outer space! It must be seen to be believed! So if you enjoy low-fi sci-fi and low budget horror movies all combined with a comic book twist, in the immortal words of joe bob briggs..... CHECK IT OUT! And if ya mised it on the small screen, now is yer chance to tell you and your friends to watch it on the big screen! To top all of this off with a sweet blood red cherry, E.SPANTO has also been nominated "BEST SCI-FI" of the fest! So S.A., How about it? get out and show yer support saturday august 31st at the alamo drafthouse westlakes for san antonio's own.... E.SPANTO!!!!!!

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