Thursday, April 26, 2012

Heeeeerrrre they are!!!! The first two comic-book style covers for the E. SPANTO live action series! These are based upon the first two episodes. The next comic-book style covers will be released soon! In the meantime, tomb in tonight for part two of HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER and the latest episode in
the E. SPANTO live action series... night of the bloody ape!!!! It all happens tonight on san antonios ONLY late night after midnight spookshow BLOODSHOT THEATRE!!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012


Tomb in tonight and saturday night for the latest episode in the E. SPANTO live action series! Its a rooftop battle pitting san antonio's phantom hero of horror against a bloodthirsty, heart ripping.... "BLOODY" APE!!!! It will be shown with part 2 of HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER! And if you miss it this thursday or saturday you can always catch it the following thursday or saturday night! same bloody time same bloody channel only on time warner PATV channel 20(12:30). Or just check out BLOODSHOT THEATREs youtube channel for a sample preview of what you won't want to miss! as always KEEP WATCHING TO KEEP THE DEAD LIVING!


Thursday, April 19, 2012


Check out the trailer for the E. SPANTO live action series....


E. SPANTO live action series

Iam back again! I tell ya this injury, i don't know if it has been a blessing in disguise to grant me more time to remain mobile and post! Or if it was just a much deserved and needed rest? the wicked rest?? anyhowwwl, just wanted to give you a low down on the E. SPANTO live action series. As you might have already guessed production has ceased for the next episode due to this little mishap. So the story so far for those of ya that haven't been following along. The story comes directly from the BLOODSHOT THEATRE mini-comic that was included with the E. SPANTO action figure! So for those that indeed did purchase(or win)one awhile back can now thrill to the conclusion(s) of where the mini-comic left off! If you didn't have a chance to win or purchase one don't worry they'll be made available as soon as the new line of E. SPANTO action figures are released(more on that later!). Now to the story, trapped and tricked by the old witch to retrieve the mortuus libre E. SPANTO is banished to the distant other-worldly dimension known as the tri-realm. There, he confronts the monstrosities that inhabit the realm as well as their creator(and possibly his own)THE MORTUUS! The mortuus prevents E. SPANTO from retrieving the mortuus libre by having his CALA-MORTES attack the phantom skullman. E. SPANTO is defeated by the mortuus who attempts to use him as a host for a portal. Thus, unleashing his army of cala-mortes! Whilst E. SPANTO remains a host to a sacred tree, the mortuus briefly explains their origins and his plot to destroy the future of humankind! E. SPANTO manages to escape and ultimately defeat the mortuus and the remaining cala-mortes. As the mortuus lay dying, E. SPANTO manages to obtain the mortuus' mystical amulet just as he fades into nothingness. Retrieving the book E. SPANTO is returned to earth(the house of the old witch)where she awaits. Using her magic she steals the mortuus libre from E. SPANTO! Her diabolical plot unfolds by using the books ancient powers to unleash all of BLOODSHOT THEATREs cryptic video horrors to screaming life! The old witch vanishes never to be seen, leaving E. SPANTO to ponder on the powers of the mortuus' mystical amulet. Will it be enough to send all these video horrors back to their unreal worlds? That answer is revealed shortly as the amulet now serves as a guide for E. SPANTO. Allowing him to find the video horrors throughout the city and trap them within the amulet. E. SPANTOs first encounter is with the bizarre Dr. Loonis aka THE MUTATOR(loosely based on the classic horror THE FREAKMAKER). E. SPANTO arrives at a down town laboratory to confront the doctor and his mad creation(a regenerative reptile-like creature who feeds on raw materials or anything living..or dead!). The creature had managed to escape through the sewage disposal units prior to the skullmans arrival. Believing that the doctor himself has accidentally created the creature for research, E. SPANTO assures the doctor that he will destroy the creature when it is found. But the doctor is in awe over E. SPANTOs phantom presence and cannot believe what he has seen. As the phantom skullman embarks on his crusade to find the creature, the doctor plots to use E. SPANTO for his own evil experiments. In a down town alleyway E. SPANTO discovers a rotting corpse that has just been mutilated by the creature. Puzzled as to why the amulet would lead him here, the answer comes to life as the creature suddenly attacks! The creature is able to morph within waste receptacles lining the alleyway. Thus, surprising E. SPANTO with a deadly attack! The creature manages to drain E. SPANTOs phantom energies using its winglike enclosures. Under a mind controlling tracking chip the creature takes E. SPANTO back to the doctors secret laboratory(just as the doctor ordered). Once there, the doctor restrains E. SPANTO with electrical bonds that are connected to his transducing device. Dr. loonis' plans are nothing short of every mad doctor... to conquer the world! And his means are by creating an army of super-beasts through transducing E. SPANTOs powers. Unfortunately, the doctors plans are foiled as E. SPANTO manages to break free destroying the transducer and releasing the creature upon its creator. E. SPANTO takes advantage of the situtation and uses the amulet to send the creature screaming back to the hell from which it came. But this ending is just the begining as the amulet guides E. SPANTO to a local cemetery for his next encounter. It is here he discovers the walking corpse of psychotic shock rocker curri samm!(elements taken from the cult classic TRICK OR TREAT) Brought back to life by the book, curri samm immediately seeks his passion for high voltage rock-n-roll. By grasping a nearby live electrical cord curri samms powers are back to"shock"an audience(or in this case a certain phantom skullman). E. SPANTO arrives prepared to pull the plug on this shock rocker, but is quickly blasted with a jolt of samms power! The stunned E. SPANTO backs into a tombstone as the shock rocker unveils his plan for city-wide destruction. Curri samm is gone in a flash but, E. SPANTO manages to recover from the blast and like a bat outta hell pursues the rocker to the next outing. Which happens to be a local power station and where else could a power-mad monster want to fuel their needs? E. SPANTO wastes no time trying to kick apart the shock rocker. But, using his powers to contort and control all things electrical. Curri samm attacks E. SPANTO with electrical wires that bind and carry the skullman up high mid-way towards the stations antennas. The shock rocker leaves E. SPANTO trapped within an electrical magnetic field as he prepares to carry out his sinister plan. E. SPANTO however, manages to escape by astrally projecting himself out of the field just as it disperses into nothingness. Now with gathered determination the skullman sets out to put an end to the shock rocker. E. SPANTO cautiously and prepared enters the control room where samm is plotting his shocking scheme. But it isn't easy as a surprise attack on the shock rocker is reversed! Again with his ability to control electricity, curri samm uses an electrical wire to pummel E. SPANTO out of the control room. The shock rocker shows no mercy, as E. SPANTO struggles to regain his stance he repeatedly blasts the phantom skullman with deadly volts of electricity. E. SPANTO quickly locates a power control box, using his vesper blade he flings it at the box destroying it. This briefly stuns the shock rocker but gives the phantom hero his only opportunity to use the amulet. In mere moments it is over, leaving E. SPANTO to prepare for his next encounter. And who or what will that be? Find out tonight! So tomb into BLOODSHOT THEATRE this thursday or saturday night at 12:30am on time warner digital PATV channel 20. Whoa! i think i over-wrote here just too much!(this will probably the most i'll ever blog on here once i do away with this injury) but if this doesn't fill you in on the E. SPANTO live action series stop by BLOODSHOT THEATREs youtube channel to catch all the latest episodes.... until then keep watching to keep the dead living!!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


from sa check'em out!


Scaring this month long on san antonios ONLY late night after midnight spookshow BLOODSHOT THEATRE!!!! HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER tells the tale of a monster make up artist who is unfairly fired by a production studio. With his knowledge and expertise he conjures up an adhesive which allows his clients to do exactly as he commands and remember nothing afterwards. Thus, extracting his revenge on the studio executives who abruptly dethroned his position! Its monsters and madmen galore guaranteed to scare the living yell outta ya!!!! Check out a sample preview(of part 1) over at BLOODSHOT THEATREs youtube channel hosted by that eerie neighbourhood skullman E. SPANTO!!!
yes it has been a lonnnnng while since i have posted anything on here. let alone having the time to do so, but since ive been sidelined with a slight mishap i will posting what i can when i can. all and everything up to date from bloodshot theatre and bathound productions. Random photos,drawings whatever so check back here for info on the next episodes of bloodshot theatre and the e. spanto live action series! as well as the upcoming e. spanto action figures! so stay toooooommmmmmbed!