Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Showing tonight at the IMAX palladium! YES this is the movie that had its premier screening after E.SPANTO THE NEW ADVENTURES at the one and only SAN ANTONIO HORRIFIC FILM FESTIVAL!!!! So if you missed it then, check it out tonight! it was a great film as i recall it having some elements of THE TERMINATOR, DAWN OF THE DEAD, and a few other sci-fi and horror films (to me at least) however, the inspiration was there and nevertheless an original film destined to have a cult following and future cast of well known stars! So if the opportunity arrives, check it out! (and tell'em J.R. sent you!) 

BLOODSHOT THEATRE, DARK SHADOW and E.SPANTO will be returning soon! i know ya guys are probably tired of watching re-runs of BURIAL GROUND by now or whatever is being replayed at the moment. But i promise to have both of these creeps return soon and just in time for HALLOWEEN!!!!! Until then and as always KEEP WATCHING TO KEEP THE DEAD LIVING!!!!!