Thursday, July 19, 2012


Also screaming with HAND OF DEATH is the latest adventure in the E.SPANTO live action series!!!! Watch as the phantom skullman battles.....himself??? yes, its the mortuus' first incarnation of your eerie neighbourhood skullman! and hes out to put an end to the creepy crusader once and for all! the green fires of hell await the phantom hero of horror!!!! will he survive???? watch as they duke out on the abandoned remains of SAs infamous TACOLAND!!!! check it out, it all scares tonight ONLY on bloodshot theatre horror classics!!!!


Going to the dark knight rises midnight preview(like me:))??? if not, tomb in tonight to BLOODSHOT THEATRE HORROR CLASSICS presentation of HAND OF DEATH!!!! See the gripping gasping deathly conclusion of this long forgotten monster cult classic! SA tomb in tonight only on time warner digital PATV channel 20(12:30)! youtubers can already bare witness(if they dare!)to a preview of part 2 on BLOODSHOT THEATREs youtube channel!!!! cult horror icon JOHN AGAR in one of his finest! check it out!!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Check it out:

E.SPANTO SDCC 2012 Random pics

just a few pics(only pics)provided by bathound productions...

no.. no tilt the camera like this...!
SO... it is a servant of the MORTUUS!! trying to steal my thunder!!!


A MUST.... so cute and cuddly looking!(wanted to box her up as a SDDC exclusive action figure bwahahaha!!!)
Just had to get a pic with batgirl!!!(hawk-girl was also just as sexy but it had to be bat-girl!!!) I wanted sooooo bad a pic with vampirella! but never saw her again and there was an elvira but again never saw her again(maybe they were just illusions taughting me ahhhhhhhrrrr!!!)and there was quite a few teen titan ravens and harley quinns that i wouldnt have mind to pose with anyhowwwwl...
well, thats it sorry there would have been more if i didnt realize all the pics taken with she-ra and the barbarian queen took up the memory(worth it! though, a great time celebrating MOTUC 30th as you can see :)). howwwwlever, tons of pics of E.SPANTO are out there somewhere! the phantom skullman attracted quite a bit of attention and seemed to be a hit with the young'uns. so browse the net fans of bloodshot theatre and horrorhosts lemme know what ya find!
dig ya later,

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SDCC E.SPANTO exclusive comic-con monito( action figure)!!!!

yes, these were found only at SDCC 2012!!!! they are a true collectors item since they are mis-printed with a star wars return of the jedi darth vader blister card!whats that you say??? you didnt get yer hands on one??? well, just wait the E.SPANTO action figures for the live-action series are gonna be made available soon! keep yer eyes(heh!heh!)peeled!!!! anyhowwwwl, got a few more pics(i had hoped for a pic with vampirella but she was never seen again??)and quite a bit of video footage. so stay post-dead more SDCC of E.SPANTO at comic-con coming soooooon!!!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Your eerie neighbourhood skullman was spotted over the weekend at san diego comic con 2012 international!!!!! yes, it is true! that phantom hero of horror E.SPANTO was out to ensure that the mortuus and his calamortes made no threat to the thousands upon thousands in attendance at this extravagant event! more pics and vids to be added soooon!!! special thanks to the kind passerby for taking this awesome picture!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2012


Will be posting some video footage soon! see ya there!!!! meanwhile, hope ya creeps have been tombing into PT. 2 of bloodshot theatre horror classics presentation of THE HAND OF DEATH as well as the latest E.SPANTO episode... the evil ghost!!!! more on that later... as always KEEP WATCHING TO KEEP THE DEAD LIVING!!!!!

Friday, July 6, 2012


For bloodshot theatre horror classics presentation of HAND OF DEATH!!!! Do you dare come close??? Find out what happens when a research experiment in radiation goes.... horroribily wrong! Part 1 scares tonight and is will be julys horror classic all month long! so turn out the lights... grab yer favourite after-midnite snack... awww you know the rest! SA tomb in tonight!!!! youtubers a preview of part 1 will be up soooooon!!!! as well as some footage from "TEXAS" comic-con(when i get around to that....)busy!busy!busy! and its all horror business!!!! bwahahahahaha!!!! AS ALWAYS KEEP WATCHING TO KEEP THE DEAD LIVING!!!!

Dig ya later,