Wednesday, July 18, 2012

E.SPANTO SDCC 2012 Random pics

just a few pics(only pics)provided by bathound productions...

no.. no tilt the camera like this...!
SO... it is a servant of the MORTUUS!! trying to steal my thunder!!!


A MUST.... so cute and cuddly looking!(wanted to box her up as a SDDC exclusive action figure bwahahaha!!!)
Just had to get a pic with batgirl!!!(hawk-girl was also just as sexy but it had to be bat-girl!!!) I wanted sooooo bad a pic with vampirella! but never saw her again and there was an elvira but again never saw her again(maybe they were just illusions taughting me ahhhhhhhrrrr!!!)and there was quite a few teen titan ravens and harley quinns that i wouldnt have mind to pose with anyhowwwwl...
well, thats it sorry there would have been more if i didnt realize all the pics taken with she-ra and the barbarian queen took up the memory(worth it! though, a great time celebrating MOTUC 30th as you can see :)). howwwwlever, tons of pics of E.SPANTO are out there somewhere! the phantom skullman attracted quite a bit of attention and seemed to be a hit with the young'uns. so browse the net fans of bloodshot theatre and horrorhosts lemme know what ya find!
dig ya later,

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