Saturday, July 5, 2014


As promised..... the tenth anniversary giveaways begin! Tonight's prize will be for a DARK SHADOW action figure! Many may enter (S.A. residents) and only one will win! All you have to do is watch BLOODSHOT THEATRE until programs end and send a direct tweet to skullmask5@skullmask5 immediately after the credits and you win! There is only one action figure to be given away, so you have to be sure that you are the first to reply IMMEDIATELY at shows end. Any time delayed after that will disqualify you. This is the first of the tenth anniversary giveaways with the E.SPANTO new adventures tees on their way! Dark Shadow is articulated at the neck shoulders and hips. He is includes his mystical skull amulet, hood and cape. Dark Shadow will arrive to you in a window boxed shaped display case (more pictures soon). Once you have been selected you must provide your name and a mailing address. So BEWARE and prepare to watch tonight's show with conclusion of ZOMBI hosted by DARK SHADOW!!!!! As always keep watching to keep the dead living! Thank you S.A. for keeping BLOODSHOT THEATRE your one and only horror for ten terrifying years!!!!!!
Dig ya later,

Monday, June 30, 2014


The window boxed packaged figure will feature a dungeon-like wall surrounding and will include one dark shadow action figure with mystical amulet! you can win one for FREE! IF you follow through with instructions on how to win one at shows end! Just be the FIRST to leave a reply on e.spantos facebook page and thats it you WIN! Exactly after the show finishes, five minutes later (1:05 am) will disqualify you! so you will want to watch the show in its entirety to win and post immediately after! this is as best as i can describe it, but if you have any other concerns feel free to drop me a (flat) line here or at e.spantos facebook page!
until then keep watching to keep the dead living!


Coldplay- Magic Cover (Nicole Victoria Gomez)

AKA Murciel from E.SPANTO THE NEW ADVENTURES! YES, When this futuristic female is not battling mutant zombie clones of the future, she is here on present day earth writing directing producing and starring in her own music videos! check it out!