Wednesday, July 31, 2013

E.SPANTO the live-action series.....

...Will be featured at the SAN ANTONIO HORRIFIC FILM FESTIVAL 2013!!!!! Yes, i am extremely proud and overwhelmed with excitement to announce this! More to come soon! In the meantime, check out the horrific film fest site here:

And the poster for the series

the trailer is here:

Friday, July 12, 2013

E.SPANTO presents to you.....

...OCTAMAN! Taped at SAs very own TEXAS COMICON! Despite the sun and sweltering heat comic-fans were in abundance! E.SPANTO made his first TEXAS COMICON appearance to present BLOODSHOT THEATREs SUPER-SUMMER OF HORROR! The phantom skullman was meeting and greeting all comic-fans and the curious. He purchased a small set of kirby era MISTER MIRACLE comics(from the fine folks at dallas' lonestar comics)and had the privilege of sitting in the K.I.T.T. car(move over michael knight!'cos when E.Spanto is behind the wheel all hell will break loose!). Luckily, the K.I.T.T. car did not recognize e.spanto's idle hands! Anyhowwwl, TEXAS COMICON was a blast this year and next year is set to be even bigger(when it moves over to SAs convention center!)so look out! 
A HUGE thanks to:
Mr. Krause,
K.I.T.T. car/ owner, 
Mario and the guys from Authority, comics(
The great service and people from dallas' lonestar comics,(
EVERYONE at texas comicon 2013,
and anyone E.SPANTO had the privilege of meeting during his eerie first appearance! See ya creeps on TV land, until then KEEP WATCHING TO KEEP THE DEAD LIVING!!!!

Dig ya later,


OCTAMAN!!!! Find out what is lurking in your summer lake spot all month long! OCTAMAN!!!! Part of BLOODSHOT THEATREs SUPER-SUMMER OF HORROR! This tentacled terror packs a wallop and will tear and squeeze the skin and bones right out of ya! SO BEWARE!!!! SA tomb in tonight and saturday night!(on PATV channel 20) youtubers check out the trailer on BLOODSHOT THEATREs channel! As always KEEP WATCHING TO KEEP THE DEAD LIVING!!!!

Dig ya later,

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

CALA-MORTES packaging revealed!!!!


Here is the packaging for the cala-mortes that are included with the E.SPANTO early-bat sale! They stand about 5' tall and as stated before they will require hand support for stances(my suugestion is any kind of molding clay to set up your battle scene!). They look like they jumped outta the live action series, that is because they were used for the live action series! Anyhowwwl, the sets are available now and are extremely limited! You may bid or purchase them here:

fangs for looking!