Friday, August 23, 2013


Temporarily reduced and just in time for the horrific film fest! The E.SPANTO early bat action figure set!!!!! Check it out...

You get one fully articulated E.SPANTO action figure!
A fully articulated action figure of THE MORTUUS! Never heard of him? Check out the live action series in its entirety when it premiers at the horrific film fest!
And two of these guys here, known as the CALA-MORTES! They are also appear in the live-action series!

ALL figures are custom-made, both e.spanto and the mortuus are packaged in boo!-tiful coffin window boxes! With a comic book and small bio on the back! The cala-mortes are bagged with a full color package top(with artwork and a small bio!)! Quantities are extremely limited! Be the first to own this arrrwooosome set of custom made figures based on the series! And You may purchase them now at bloodshot theatres ebay store!

              E.SPANTO the live action series is coming to the horrific film fest!

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