Thursday, August 8, 2013

E.SPANTO mini-comic!

Here it is the mini-comic that was included with the E.SPANTO collectors figure that was released awhile back! This is the prelude to the live action series, so if you plan to attend or just want a quick history on the series check it out!

my gravest apologies about the resolution, this was the best i could do! the original pages have long been deleted and this is the format set for the mini-comic's release. as of late, there are no plans to re-release the aforementioned E.SPANTO collectors figure. howwwwlever, these "may" turn up at the festival in limited quantities(the day of the show). but, check out the even cooler e.spanto action figures up for sale now!

 so whether you are a fan of bloodshot theatre or the the live-action e.spanto series or just low-fi sci-fi/horror at its finest, check out the E.SPANTO live action series in its entirety saturday august 31st! at the alamo drafthouse westlakes for the san antonio horrific film festival! more details here:

E.SPANTO is coming.... to the san antonio horrific film fest! san antonio!!!!!

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