Friday, December 6, 2013


Hey gang! if ya ever watched a jean rollin or jess franco film and had wished some of those scenes in the dungeon would last a little longer (like me!) then this film might be up your alley! well and if ya like this kinda stuff check it out, its a great retelling on some of the writings of marquis de sade. a bit (just a bit) reminiscent of the pit and the pendulum remake (with lance henriksen) but it takes it a lot further! no, there are no fills or frills here! ya get what ya paid for and just exactly what ya wanna see and expect to see (well at least i did!). from beginning to end i enjoyed it thoroughly! just something outta the ordinary that is not your same ol' boring run of the mill reality or cgi zombie horror tale that are hamming up movie theatres nowadays. anyhowwl, the cast and crew have done a excellent job and i strongly recommend more of ms. heskeths work over at the films website! you may purchase this film and other must-see films here:

and as joe bob would say... check it out!
dig ya later,

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