Thursday, December 5, 2013


The phantom skullman takes a stroll inside his hometown's convention center for the
I know, i know, i know.... its been waaaay past due but i have been busy dabbling in other worlds and realms as well as trying to get production started for the second series in the E.SPANTO live action saga. Which seems at the moment, to be coming into play pretty soon hopefully. So for those of you wanting to see more of that creepy crusader's (pictured above) further exploits, you will have to tomb into the new season of bloodshot theatre coming your way in 2014. but enough of that, lets talk the alamo city comic con! or at least let me give you a quick run down of our experience there (ours meaning me and... oh well!) anyhowwl, it was a blast! and a lot a WHOLE lot better than expected! many of vendors, artists (like the legendary neal adams!) and many in attendance (but this was just friday, i could not attend saturday but from what i saw it was HUGE!). Not to mention the prized celebrities and the gang from the walking dead or some kinda zombie show that has got everyone wanting to prepare for the zombie apocalypse.... oh! ooops! did i offend anybody??? oh, i meant THE WALKING DEAD!!!!! yes, you bandwagon zombie-lovers! they were there too and so was... dunah dunah dunah dunaaahhhh BATMAN!!!! Yep the one the only adam west!!!! sheesh! that was just this year could or would you imagine next year??? although, none of these celebrities i did not have the pleasure of meeting and i usually don't go outta my way to do so unless the opportunity presents itself. howwwlever, i did have the pleasure of meeting with some great local individuals old and new. like mario from authority comics, the guys from antartic press, the really cool owner of pig stagg records and video, and a member of the doctor who society of san antonio! as well as fellow cosplayers and such, all had great costumes and all in great spirits! admist taping for bloodshot theatre, taking pic requests, compliments, a near confrontation with jason vorheese and getting punched out by baby captain america! it all made alamo city comic con worthwhile and all about fun! thanks to the city of SA and those responsible for FINALLY holding such a convention where it belongs! deep in the heart of downtown SA! THANK YOU! so maybe you picked up a really cool free E.SPANTO sticker or some prized walking dead knick knacks, comic books, toys, an autograph a photograph or whatever was your pleasure... ALAMO CITY COMIC CON was the place to be! While i anticipate next year to be much bigger, it would be really cool to see geeks in costume (like me) camping out along the henry b. gonzales convention center on the night before opening day ha ha! just as i remember in SDCC last year the party never ended man oh man, what a thrill! but, this is SA and it has its own comic con now and it is THE ALAMO CITY COMIC CON! and if this was just a taste of SAs comic-book appreciation, just wait until TEXAS...yes TEXAS comic con moves in to the convention center next summer! woooo hooooo!!!!

Jason Vorheese demanding a screening of FRIDAY the 13th
Darth maul and a steam punk (???) cosplayer aide E.SPANTO
for a presentation of BLOODSHOT THEATRE!
A female robin and han (or hannah) solo posing with SAs creepy crusader

hey skeletorrrr!!!
okay heres the plan girls... when mr. west walks through
that door create a distraction and i'll grab his car keys!
yes! i am more than certain they are the keys to the
batmobile! we can ditch this place and have a
son of a b***h of a time!

right on! says the female robin, siiigh! women in uniform
ya just gotta love 'em!
getting down to business with a the red hood and a female bane!
wheres my mummy? have you seen my mummy!?!
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at last!!! now to defeat chronox!
hold on mijo! hold on!!!
on the bbc production set of
doctor who!
good pals 
five dollah make ya time travelah!
mortuus... mortuus! i'm coming for YOU!

Strining a bat-pose!

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