Thursday, October 24, 2013


Who came out to support the showcase! And to those who caught an exclusive screening of E.SPANTO! Unfortunately, the time-lord of terror part 1 and 2 was not screened due to technicalities beyond my control. Instead, the ever enjoyable series premier of the terrors of the tri-realm part 1 and 2 were shown! So it was a great introduction to the series nonetheless if you had actually planned on attending the screening. It was a great turn out despite my gloom and altered state that i was in, i was very grateful to have E.SPANTO be a part of the showcase! A TEXAS-sized thanks to jim, billy, chris, carlo everyone whom i had the pleasure of meeting and everyone from twitchy dolphin flix! THANK YOU!!!! it was truly an honour. And to my cohorts for the day it was great to have you along for the drive and everything else! Finally, a HUGE thanks again to sergio and george of the horrific film fest! Without your acceptance of E.SPANTO into the festival i could not find the encouragement to continue and pursue future film festivals. I will always consider it an honour and I look forward to next year! E.SPANTO has arrived....AGUILAS!!!! 

until next time creeps!
dig ya later,

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