Thursday, October 3, 2013


.....AND only in austin texas!!!!

that evil time-lord of terror known as chronox will be invading the kind folks of austin texas and the rest of the world! and only san antonios E.SPANTO can stop him!!! watch the final two episodes of the series in a very exclusive engagement for the AUSTIN INDIE FLIX SHOWCASE screening of short films at the double tree university hotel in austin texas! it all happens saturday october 19th at 9am until 11pm! see independent short films all day long from all over the world! including SAN ANTONIOs E.SPANTO!!!! if you have already seen the series in its entirety at the horrific film fest or as it aired on bloodshot theatre, tell a friend! and now is yer chance to watch it yet again in all it's horror/sci-fi campy goodness from the one and only bathound productions and J.R. Ghul! and even if you have never watched the series, what a better time to check it out! as the final two episodes prepare the setting for the next series, coming soon! so mark yer calendar SA, E.SPANTO is here watch out! check out for more details, showtimes and to purchase tickets! 

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