Saturday, June 22, 2013

E.SPANTO presenting to you....

I know it is a bit late, but here are the intros for BLOODSHOT THEATREs JUNE 2013 episode from TEXAS FRIGHTMARE WEEKEND 2013. I was not quite sure what I would select for the months feature(after I picked up a few dvds at the show). Eventually, NECROPOLIS(1987)was chosen as this months bloodcurdler.... the other two vids(from severin films I picked up were great! But loaded with nudity and that would not sit well PATV and tons of editing would probably cut these films down to about 40 minutes! Anyhowwwl, here it is youtubers enjoy! SA viewers tomb in tomorrow night for the spellbinding conclusion of NECROPOLIS!!!!!

Dig ya later,

What has been keeping me busy? besides rotting in my coffin! Find out next week, they will be arrrrrwooooosome and up for sale!!!

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