Friday, June 28, 2013


Alright boils and ghouls! ghulunatics and slaher-kids! The definitive, long overdue, E.SPANTO action figures are FINALLY here! If you watch the show or not, these figures are definitely worth a look! These custom made E.SPANTO action figures scream with eerie detail! They will be available tonight at midnight(at bloodshot theatres ebay store) and sold only in a set. A set? you say??? Yes, you will get both E.SPANTO and his nemesis THE MORTUUS! And quantities are EXTREMELY limited! I was planning on selling them separately, but unfortunately i only had two kits to bash for the mortuus. E.SPANTO however, will return once production continues. As a bonus(and for the delay), you will also get two cala-mortes included with your purchase! I consider this a type of an early bird(in this case an early bat heh! heh!)sale just like the star wars figures sold long ago. Anyhowwwl, both E.SPANTO and THE MORTUUS will be packaged in a coffin-shaped window box, feature cloth and metal accessories, are fully poseable and stand about 6' tall. They measure up to your dc universe classics, because they are made from kit-bashed dc universe figures. The cala-mortes will be packaged in a rack aisle-type baggie with the E.SPANTO logo and artwork on the reverse as the coffin boxes have. They stand about 5' tall and will require hand support for stances(just a heads up!). Anyhowwwl, enough of me yacking away check out the pictures!

Both figures are packaged in coffin shaped window boxes!
A four-panel comic strip is featured on the back as well as a small bio of each
The host of horror turned phantom hero
of horror!!!! E.Spanto will also include
a bat accessory for transformation!

side view
close-up eeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEE!!!!
The evil ruler of the Tri-Realm!
side view
close-up AAARRRHHHGG!!!!
The battle begins!!!!
The cala-morte! Two will be included! Packaging will be revealed soon!
The ultimate battle!!!
Make E.Spanto a part of your collection!
looks like supes can't handle it! As the Flash smirks on!
so there you have it! E.SPANTO is here! BEWARE!!!! On sale tonight at midnight bloodsuckers!!!!

dig ya later,

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