Friday, May 25, 2012


.... Terror strikes at 20:19...Or something like that anyhowwwwwl, just a quick update.... next months episodes were submitted on tuesday sooooo be sure to tomb in for junes creepy cryptic classic bloodcurdler on YOUR late night after night spookshow BLOODSHOT THEATRE!!!! this one is sure to "fill" your veins with fright or that special fluid we will all get injected with one day(unless, of course you are cremated)ooops! did i just give away too much? tomb in this june if... YOU DARE!!! Also, the E.SPANTO live action series will be back! this time you will get two episodes instead of one! so you will want to tomb in every two weeks! annnnnd speaking of E.SPANTO... the new action figures are currently underway. E.SPANTO is looking arrrwooooosome!!!!! you will want one of these, believe me! the mortuus is looking so-so but will get better(besides hes the bad guy anyway haha!). you will see pics(of the prototypes)posted here as soon as they become available. the figures are projected for a mid-summer release(just in time for a mid-summers nightmare heh heh!). as stated before they will include accessories and packaged in a full colour blister card! BUT supplies will be limited SO be sure to check back here for info when they are made available! also, the 8' E.SPANTO figures will be back! so if ya missed out on them last summer heres your chance to get one! they included the mini-comic that was the prelude to the live-action series. so, if yer just catching on to the series you'll want to purchase one to see how it all began! until then KEEP WATCHING TO KEEP THE DEAD LIVING!!!!!


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