Thursday, May 3, 2012


its may already! and time for another chilling classic from bloodshot theatres cryptic vault of horror! yes, BLOODSHOT THEATRE HORROR CLASSICS presents to you this month HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN!!!! Tomb in tonight to view part 1 of this colossal creepy classic! Find out what happens when a mad doctor stumbles upon a traveling circus with the legendary draculas coffin! Then who else but the cursed lawrence talbot himself is he that discovers this mad doctor! what do you get then? A MONSTER MASH!!!! so twist on over to transylvania tonight ya creeps! It all screams tonight on time warner digital PATV channel 20 at 12:30 on YOUR late night after midnight spookshow BLOODSHOT THEATRE!!!!

The youtube preview clip will be up soon so stay toooommmbed!
but san antonio can tomb in tonight! BEWARE!!!!!

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