Monday, August 25, 2014


The first two episodes continuing from the cult public access series "E.SPANTO", will be featured at this years san antonio horriffic film fest! (now in its seventh year!) After a time-shattering battle with the evil alien time lord chronox, E.SPANTO san antonios creepy crusader and reluctant phantom hero of horror is thrust into the year 2985! A catastrophic future world ruled by "the evil one", can E.SPANTO revert what has been undone and save the future? With danger at every turn and aided by the futuristic female warrior MURCIEL (portrayed by NICOLE VICTORIA GOMEZ) will their journey lead them to victory or to doom? ..... to all of mankind! Find out this saturday august 30th as the horrific film festival presents E.SPANTO THE NEW ADVENTURES! Sci-fi, lo-fi, trash, camp, cult, cinema whatever you want to call it! At its finest and the only way J.R. Ghul and Bathound Productions can bring it to you! It must be seen to be believed!!!!!! So if you're a fan of bloodshot theatre, the e.spanto series, horror, sci-fi, pop culture anything geek! come out and check it out and its made right here in san antonio! not out of some hollywood basement! so get out SA and show your support for your one and only first hero of horror E.SPANTO!!!!!

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