Saturday, May 24, 2014


Showing this month with the conclusion of MUTANT!

E.Spanto is thrown into a barren wasteland complete with futuristic vehicles
E.Spanto hangs around waiting for his next move
While his futuristic female captor (played by Nicole Victoria Gomez) presses full speed ahead, the destination? unknown is this future world!
E.Spanto wastes no time in finding out who his captor is and easily phases through his bonds!
But this future female warrior is armed to the teeth and ready!
E.Spanto soon learns that his captor Murciel (Played by Nicole Victoria Gomez), is what is left of a surviving human race as she quickly learns that the phantom skullman is not of this future world!

An introduction is brief but the the threats in this future world is ever constant!
As the killer mutant zombies return! somehow sabotaging murciels terra-zoid vehicle and taking the the two warriors by surprise!
These mutant zombies are armed with an assortment of laser weapons and whips!
Can E.Spanto and his new ally fend them off before what awaits??? Find out in episode two of E.SPANTO THE NEW ADVENTURES!!!!
you can watch episode two in its entirety tonight and next thursday or saturday night on san antonios only late night after midnight spookshow BLOODSHOT THEATRE!!!! E.SPANTO THE NEW ADVENTURES continues from the original super-action horror live action series (E.SPANTO), with e.spanto now in a future world encountering danger at every turn through his journey to revert what has been undone by the evil alien time lord chronox! and eventually an ultimate confrontation with the root of all this chaos known as the evil one! Follow the creepy crusaders thrilling adventures each month as in part of BLOODSHOT THEATREs monthly bloodcurdler! E.Spanto the new adventures combines the elements of sci-fi fantasy and horror all in one in a low grade five minute featurette that has to be seen to be believed! it is written and produced by J.R. Ghul (BLOODSHOT THEATRE, E.SPANTO), with music by DEBO and featuring Nicole Victoria Gomez! E.Spanto the new adventures promises to be a cult classic among the lesions of bloodshot viewers and an overlooked stain that is here to stay for low budget film making right here in san antonio! it cant get any better than that!!!! Tomb in tonight and next thursday or saturday night to catch the repeat! the future is NOW and it is E.SPANTO the new adventures!!!!  



* ** the third episode of e.spanto the new adventures will return again in july, along with all kinds of great giveaways for bloodshot theatres tenth anniversary happening allllllll summer long! stay tombed! ***

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