Thursday, September 5, 2013


Everyone that was in attendance and all whom I had the privilege of meeting(THE MAN, THE HAMMER! FRED WILLIAMSON!) this past weekend at the Alamo drafthouse westlakes for the screening of E.SPANTO! A very special thanks to Sergio, George, jim and the san Antonio horrific film festival for putting together such a fangtastic event year after year keeping horror and film making alive here in san Antonio texas! I had a great time and it was a blast, I look forward to next year! thanks guys! And if ya missed out don't feverishly fret for a portion of the E.SPANTO live action series will also be screened at the the Austin indie flix showcase October 18-19, no tentative date on the screening yet but check out the site here:

More details to come soon! Now on to news in the world of bloodshot theatre, tomb in tonight for part 1 of ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST!!!!
tonight at 12:30 only on time warner digital PATV channel 20!!!! With your host E.SPANTO! And just for ghouled ol' times lets check out the series poster once more....
i hope ya guys picked one up, along with the e.spanto stickers, mini-lobby cards and the preview comic as well! THANKS AGAIN! to all who showed up, it was truly an honour and i cannot thank you enough!
dig ya later,


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