Friday, May 10, 2013


CAROLINE MUNROE(The Abominable Dr. Phibes, MANIAC, and
Starcrash :) )with E.SPANTO!

TOM SAVINI(Dawn of the dead, Knight riders, and Planet terror)
hanging out with E.SPANTO!

TEXAS FRIGHTMARE WEEKEND 2013 was a blast! Everyone who could be anyone(in horror) was here! From blood-crazed madmen, cuddly werewolf babies to low-rider zombies(which I dubbed the vatos locos and they agreed! cuz if ya saw them they would rip yer heart out!)! It was great to see a few familiar faces from SA(Creepy classics)! The frightmare staff(in fact, the entire city of dallas!)was very kind and all the celebrities kindly welcomed each and every horror fan! I never saw anyone with a... ahem! dead look on their face walking away from a meet and greet booth. I am not one to actually go outta my way to meet a celebrity(and on that note, I didn't care much about the walking dead cast being there either), but Mrs. Munroe and Mr. Savini(pictured above) I just had to meet! I had never thought in this lifetime I would ever share the same space as them. It was a dream come true and truly an honour! I have always had a fan boy crush on stella starr since I first saw starcrash(1978)on late-night tv growing up! Stella was my dream girl! Flowing dark brown locks, eye shadow, skimpy outfits(that could outrival barbarella!)a laser rifle and she was from outer space! BAM! fast forward to now and there I am standing beside her WOW! Anyhowwwwl, I am getting a little too carried away there and what is not to appreciate about Mr. Savini? The moment he agreed to take a pic with me, the theme from DAWN OF THE DEAD(by GOBLIN)played in my head! Awesome! Totally awesome! I would have loved to have met Danny(MACHETE)Trejo, but his meet and greet line was always horrendously long! I did however kinda cross paths with him as e.spanto! LOL! He kinda just glanced at me and proceeded with security through the crowds. Pretty fucking cool! Maybe, just maybe he'll seek out e.spanto in the next machete film haha! And maybe I can fight side by side with michelle rodriguez! sigh! dream on.... dream on! Anyhowwwwl, with the assistance of Mr. Krause, I taped shows for BLOODSHOT THEATREs june show and it will be in honour of texas frightmare. With that said, I picked up a couple of groovy ghoulies that promise to make this summer a gore-filled event for BLOODSHOT THEATRE! What is that you say? You will have to tomb in this summer to SAs only late night after midnight spookshow to find out! IF....YOU DARE! And if any of ya in picked up an e.spanto skull or flyer WATCH OUT! Because he's coming back to haunt you with the awesome(long-delayed and limited) E.SPANTO action figures! I don't wanna give a release date but all I can say is they are coming... soon and will be limited! so beware! Until then KEEP WATCHING TO KEEP THE DEAD LIVING!!!!
Dig ya later,
Check out some of the footage below

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