Thursday, January 10, 2013


Cold, wet and windy! But fun inside, It kinda reminded me of  SDCC remnants(like a great big storm just blew comic-con away and this was left of it or something to that perspective)and a very small crowd!(this was friday btw). Anyhowwwl, I got a really good NEW GODS fix! I picked up a few kirby era issues at very good prices and a couple of NEW GOD figures from the DC universe classics line(another ORION and another BIG BARDA with helmet!). On top of that, I also got a really cool early(also kirby era!) MR. MIRACLE issue! All this made my day after drudging through the rain from SA to austin(fun ride though, but damn cold wind took the fun out!), I don't think id find these comics or figures at such a bargain in SA! Afterwards, I hit up painkiller(yeah I know its pirahna killer! but painkiller sounds much better and for the sake of JP!) sushi for some sushi(duh!)and drinks. I lounged around 6th street awhile, until finally stumbling upon museum of the weird and calling it a night after no metal or rock bars were apparent. Anyhowwl, some tiny bit of footage is below. I suppose now I'll be receiving junk mail for lonely asian women, kinky austin college co-eds or whatever it is they can find by reading this. Fuck almighty, I swear some people don't have anything else better to do with their lives! Anyhowwwl, that is another story.... Enjoy! my loyal followers!


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