Monday, December 31, 2012

E.SPANTO Animated series

Before the live action series went into production, An E.SPANTO Animated series was in pre-production. E.SPANTO would differ from the character seen in the BLOODSHOT THEATRE animated series and the stories were to be identical to what would be seen in the live action series. The background scenario was to have been used in the fifth episode of the BLOODSHOT THEATRE animated series, as this was to be somewhat of an opening shot. I planned to have E.SPANTO descend out of a night sky transforming from vampire bat to E.SPANTO!(Much like what you see in the intro to the live action series)then introducing himself, having a slew of video-monsters(that would appear in the show)leaping out of nowhere and e.spanto fending them off with the amulet. anyhowwwl, hope you enjoy! AND since were on the subject of E.SPANTO, the long delayed(yes i know!)action figures will soon be released! i plan to have them released early this month(meaning january)and they will be limited as stated before. retail will probably be around $15 and a special price for the pair(E.SPANTO and the MORTUUS!). Each will be packaged in a coffin display box(and if your enjoying this bit of E.SPANTO animation, the coffin boxes will have a comic strip on back!)and have included accessories! Also, the rest of the comic book covers for the live-action series will be posted here soon. And speaking of the live action series and if yer missing out don't worry you'll be able to get that too! Series two is planned to be underway sometime in february-march, so look for a new episode around then. until then, KEEP WATCHING TO KEEP THE DEAD LIVING!

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