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E.SPANTO in THE TIME LORD OF TERROR PART 2(series finale)!!!!

In the series finale episode, E.SPANTO is captured by evil aliens from outer space! Led by the evil chronox, a time-traveling conqueror who seeks the mortuus' mystical amulet and it's secrets! Chronox has long sought the amulet, and knows of its powers to control the living, the dead and time itself! Can the creepy crusader escape before it's too late??? or will chronox succeed in carrying out his diabolical plan??? what is that you ask? you'll have to watch to find out! and it scares tonight as in part of BLOODSHOT THEATREs halloween show!!!! SA if you have followed the series, you won't want to miss this one! so tomb into time warner digital PATV channel 20(at 12:30)! and if ya miss it by being caught up in all the halloween madness... you can always catch it again saturday night! same skull channel! same skull time! wait... yeah ok! TOMB IN TONIGHT!!!!

Youtubers get a preview here(if ya can):

annnnd... since iam on the subject of the e.spanto series, i would like to add just a few excerpts for the series if you will. The series was a good 12 episodes(well good enough for me, considering the animated series lasted only 5! more on that below)and at roughly 2-4 minutes a piece i think i cram(or try to)enough information in as i could. Whatever is left out remains unexplained and it should be too or just plainly left to the viewers imagination. anyhowwwwl, i would liked to have considered probably at least 3-4 more additional episodes(if i hadn't been sidelined by that injury). so, lets begin right after THE NIGHT OF THE BLOODY APE episode the next episodes wouldn't appear until june. at this time(before my accident), i had stories brewing in my mind that would eventually lead up to the series end. but these were mostly b-sides(similar? i guess), just fillers and some nasty villains(taken from old horror movies of course!)i wanted to throw at our phantom hero. i had wanted another opponent e.spanto could actually confront(like a jason vs. freddy type match up or a frankenstein vs. wolfman)instead of just putting up another toy monster on the green screen(ooops! did i just give away my movie magic recipe???). anyhowwwl, it was to alternate from toy monster to actual opponent and i definately wanted a mummy somewhere along the way! my first consideration was a beastman-like creature who would leap around the mission trails terrorizing tourists or the missionary monks at night. and the naschy fanatic iam, i was leaning towards an hombre lobo type villain with plain clothes(the usual dark blue naschy shirt and pants). just a few cool scenes, i dreamt up were that of the opening shots(with POV styling)of the beastmans deadly strikes and some fight scenes of e.spanto using a branch to fend off the beasts gnashing jaws(like a moon knight comic i remember, issue 1 to be exact). i had intended the series to be in one setting(like only happening in one night), so that created a bit of a problem. the killings commited by the beast i thought had to be serial(and unexplained) in order for this to work, thus having e.spanto leap into action at the right time to prevent another gruesome murder. and the amulet worked on its own guiding the skullman after each video horror it entrapped(thus, making it a never-ending "night"mare). so having the beast commit these murders on a nightly basis just wouldn't fit in, it had to be fast and lead to a climax quickly. as in the bloody ape episode, the psychotic primate had just murdered his first victim using their heart to empower his bloodthirsty vigor. i didn't want to repeat that, so i looked to the mummy story that was also storming in my mind at the same time. alright, so e.spanto would confront this mummy and i had my targets already set on the witte museum as background footage(even more so, now with mummy extravaganza being held the amulet would lead the skullman to the museum and there he would encounter the mummy's decaying guards, before going toe-to-toe with mummy himself. as an addition to the series storyline, the mummy would have had ties with the amulets background(making it his personal goal to obtain it). eventually, the mummy would defeat e.spanto, leaving him mumified inside a tomb. end of episode 1. episode 2 would stir things up, as the mummy would transport e.spanto to an ancient egyptian temple and attempt to use the skullmans power to revive his army of the dead(well, somewhere along those lines). but then, as the action progressed out of nowhere we would get aliens thrown in the mix as well. so, the mummy storyline kinda got to where the series is at today sans the mummy. okay, i thought to hold off on this particular story for the final episodes and focus on another video horror e.spanto could encounter. but who? what? alright, how about a machete or chainsaw wielding madman? what will be this episodes premise? will it be a two-parter? yeah, the background settings would be a snap and the story real simple(no story boards needed haha! speaking of i have a few i may post one day)just make up shit as i go along. cool, they could be back to back one episode a chainsaw pigman maniac and the other a hockey masked psycho! now for e.spanto's impending doom... a smokehouse? a lake with dead souls? a barnyard of guts??? then all of a sudden BAM! my unfortunate and uneventful mishap! well, it happened and i was out for a good month and a half until i was well enough to get back to the series. i literally kick my own ass sometimes(taping) and boy did i need my left leg to do it. anyhowwl, along that time i got back on here(as you have seen)and kept the next episode lingering in my mind. i somehow came across an iron man comic panel one day(iron man issue 101), that had the armored avenger battling some igor-like midgets. wow! i thought, this would make a neat e.spanto story with midgets,chains and a frankenstein monster! immediately, my imagination began to drift back to one of the episodes intended for the BLOODSHOT THEATRE animated series this one was to have J.R. and the werewolf venture into a remote wooded area and stumbling upon the infamous midget mansion! but not before meeting the lovely daughter of a video store owner, who the nano's(midgets)have just terrorized in obtaining a copy of the video TROLL for their satanic ritual. it is then up to J.R. and the werewolf to get it back and air it on bloodshot theatre(of course). anyhowwwl, that episode in particular was never completed(i may post the drawings for some of the characters sometime if i have the time)and i sought to take a few elements from this story. mainly the nano's, the amulet would guide e.spanto to the midget mansion and there he would confront the nano's only to be overpowered by them(with chains! haha!). and the frankenstein monster would come into play when the nano's would use the captive skullman,(in a ritual) to bring the monster to life! thus, a show down between the phantom hero of horror and horrors greatest monster!!!! and it would be a two-parter. still, the idea of the mission trails loomed over me and i soon decided to get footage for such an episode(which eventually became KNIGHTMARE AT MISSION TRAIL)once i was well enough. the result, still had some naschy elements(the knights in my own personal opinion and the option for their inclusion)that i had originally intended and the setting of the mission trails. with my schedule(work)and SDCC coming up, i couldn't fit in the frankenstein/nano's episode into the series. i thought it would only be fitting if the series finale would be around halloween. perfecto. with that said, the mummy episode was also put aside. but i think i kinda blended in some of those episodes in just a bit in TIME LORD OF TERROR Pt. 1. still no mummy! :( well maybe one day i'll put these episodes into some animated form of story telling. anyhowwwl, i think ive said enough and i will let you enjoy the series as much as i enjoyed putting it together! until then, the next series lurks somewhere in my mind just waiting to be released and put on tape! 

dig ya later,

Missed an episode? or don't know what iam talking about? don't worry, the entire E.SPANTO series is planned for release as a collection! you will find it here when it is available! also, been saving up that x-mas cash? good! 'cos the E.SPANTO action figures are coming yer way very soon!!!!  

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